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    15 Days Offline Internship

    Girindrasekhar Bose Internship is a 15 Days intensive training for students who want to increase their practical knowledge but are restricted due to lack of time. 

    Girindrasekhar Bose Internship 5000/-
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    1 Month Online Psychology Internship

    Practical exposure is very important for Psychology Students. Gunamudian David Boaz Internship is a 30 days online intensive training program.

    Gunamudian David Boaz Internship 3000/-
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    2 Months Online Psychology Internship

    N. N. Sengupta Internships is the Best program for Psychology Undergraduate and Post Graduate students who want to enhance practical knowledge.

    N. N. Sengupta Internships 5000/-
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    IGNOU Psychology Internships 240 Hours

    H. Narayan Murthy Internship program specially designed for IGNOU students according to their Criteria with profound training for Clinical and Counselling specialization.

    H. Narayan Murthy Internship 5900/-
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