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Obsession compulsion Disorder

Social media often get those hashtags posts about OCD and they, in fact, don't help. They don't educate and people get the wrong impression of what OCD is. It's not the twitter or Instagram version people post in hashtags. It's tremendously far away from that. Impeccably clean, organized closet shelf hashtags are tongue in cheek joke compared to real OCD "hashtag" saying"I just killed a person. I must go out and check it." And they strongly believe that they killed the person! See? It's different. So much different.


So OSD is not a joke. It's a mental disorder. Thus, next time you post a hashtag "I'm soooo OCD" bear in mind that you are hurting and making a joke of a person suffering from it. Your unequally cut slices of pizza are something you don't really pay attention to. People with OCD lose at least half an hour to make that pizza symmetric. So, they just lost 30 minutes of their precious life. And each day they spend hours on these rituals. Sometimes they lost their job too. Voluntarily- to be in a home prison so that they can get control of every dust particle in it or involuntarily- because their employers are not educated enough on their illness.

Ever heard of someone losing their job because always getting late? Sure. It stands for a reason. But losing one's job because getting late due to spending 2 hours on folding&unfolding clothes, checking if the doors are closed if the iron is off if all the germs in the wallet are exterminated and so on. Well, that's an OCD being fired.

SO, there is a difference. As with all mental disorders, it's not a choice. It's a mental disorder. The brain disorder. The life disorder. The identity disorder.

It's enormously irritating to a person suffering from OCD. It drives them insane. It's more than they can take. But it also disturbs those around them. That's why in most cases they are hiding their condition. They don't want to impose pain on the others or be seen as lunatics. The hiding makes them more frustrated and guilty of the state they, unfortunately, got stuck in.


The anxious urge-obsessive thoughts are indefatigable and they never ever got tired. They made a person performs endless rituals to "get rid of" these thoughts. But the relief the person gets from performing these rituals is so short lived and doesn't hush the thoughts actually. It breeds them. So, another distracting thought occurs, another distracting ritual is to be followed.

There is no breakpoint because if you "win" the next point (perform a ritual) you will never win the game ( get rid of the obsessive thoughts)

Just like playing tennis with world N0 1. And you're a golfer. No breakpoints at all.


  • Checking (An abnormal need to check on everything)
  • Contamination (Fear of being contaminated)
  • Hoarding (A person can't discard useless possessions)
  • Ruminations ( Intrusive thoughts a person indulges in)
  • Intrusive thoughts (Harmful sexual, religious and violent thoughts)
  • Magical thinking ( The bare thinking of something bad will make it happen)
  • Symmetry and Orderliness (Everything has to be lined up perfectly)
  • Avoidance (Avoiding the things/persons that may trigger their compulsive behaviour)


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