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Most of the time people with schizophrenia have a real feeling that their autopilot is run by somebody else- imagined creatures and unbearable voices in their head. They act like the nightmare bosses giving them directions and commands, usually abnormal ones, to follow.

 “Silence is consent “type of listening to these internal distractions leads to an abnormal behaviour. In some cases they can smash TV in the others they can kill themselves. Because they were told to do so. So it's not their guilt. Elimination of the shame to admit having a disorder is a high priority since more than 50 % of the exposed commit suicide.

And that's why stigmatizing needs to stop.

What's still encouraging is that more and more people with SC are even enthusiastic of talking about their condition. They want to encourage others suffering from the same illness by blogging about their experiences and how they successfully overcome it,  making youtube videos, tutorials and establishing non-profits.

 Many of them said that they were stigmatized by their own family members who persuade them not to see the therapist because it would be a shame to their family. “Think of the healthy children I have, your brothers and sisters. They are going to be mocked at too. Stay in your room and let healthy people live their lives. Your's already over.”  In the end, the family escaped stigma and mockery and their “sick” family member ended up in a coffin.

 So, they simply have to and enjoy socializing with their “brain -mates” which is great. They created the opportunity for themselves being incredibly brave! More lives are saved now. Suicidal rate descended.    

The TED of science

They years of scientific research identified, found and even proved many important issues related to schizophrenia. However, the conclusion is that there is NOT ALWAYS A RIGHT ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. So, every single rule of thumb varies when it comes to schizophrenia. Because of its complexity and lack of scientific proofs.

The most vital organ associated with schizophrenia is the brain and still, it's the least researched organ. That's why there is still no final answer to all of the questions related to schizophrenia disorder: 

  • Age onset
  • Relapse probability
  • Symptoms (positive&negative)
  • Symptoms overlap
  • Types of schizophrenia
  • Adequate therapy
  • Right diagnosis

The more scientific progress in this area, the more patients recovered.


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