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Intelligence Quotient Test (IQ Test)

What is an IQ Test?

Professional psychologists perform various types of tests on patients to determine their state of mental health. Of many different types of tests, IQ tests are one of the most commonly conducted by psychologists.  An IQ test is a psychological measure of the IQ or the intelligence quotient of an individual.

How is an IQ Test conducted?

Depending on a specific country or culture, IQ tests vary from one region to another. However, every IQ test includes measuring two components – the verbal ability and performance ability of an individual.

Also, do note that the performance ability of a person is measured by physically manipulating objects in front of a psychologist. As such, IQ tests cannot be conducted online. None of the online IQ tests is valid. For a proper IQ test to be conducted, it must happen in the real world in the presence of a professional psychologist.

The two primary components of IQ can be further subdivided into subcomponents. The subcomponents of the verbal component of IQ include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Information
  • Arithmetic
  • Digit Span
  • Comprehension
  • Similarities

The subcomponents of the performance component of IQ include:

  • Object assembly
  • Block design
  • Digit symbol
  • Picture arrangement
  • Picture completion

Psychologists cover all these subcomponents by asking patients to answer questions, solve a problem or perform an activity. The measure of each subcomponent is used by psychologists to calculate the IQ of a person.

What is a normal IQ score?

The IQ score of an individual is stated as a number, with the average score at 100. Most people score between 70-130 in an IQ test.

An IQ test involves measuring specific abilities or knowledge which people either possess or don’t. People who score above 130 in a legitimate IQ test can be considered to be significantly more intelligent than the average population. On the other hand, people who score below 70 in an IQ test are much less smart than the average population.


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