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15 Days Offline Internship

Girindrasekhar Bose Internship 5000

Girindrasekhar Bose Internship is a 15 Days intensive training program. Useful for students who want to increase their practical knowledge but are restricted due to lack of time. 

Salient Features 15 days Internship:

  • Counseling Exposure
  • Psychological Testing Training
  • Varieties of Case Exposure
  • Skills Enhancement Training
  • Supportive Class

There are 3 parts of Girindrashekhar Bose Internship:

Part 1:

Case History Training: A Case study is one of the major steps of Psychological Treatment and intervention. The case study is an in-depth study and Right Technique helps us to understand our client problems and needs as a mental health worker. So in this internship, you will learn the right skills and strategies to perform the effective case study.

Mental State Examinations Training: Mental state examinations is an important part of the clinical assessment in which we observe and describe the patient current state of mind especially behavioral and cognitive functioning in a structured way.


Part 2:

Introduction of Psychotherapy: You will get the necessary pieces of information and ideas just before facing the real situations.

Training of Therapeutic Planning: You will learn how we make the planning just before the therapy session.

Focused training: Training of Mood Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disorder.


Part 3:

Training of Psychological Test: 16 PF, VSMS, ADHD, Developmental Screening Test,  Binet Kamat Intelligence Test (BKT).

Project Work: Complete Case Studies at least 5, Psychological Assessment and Therapeutic Plan.

After Successful Completion of Internship and Exams, Intern will get the certificate for this along with the details about the skill that you learned. 

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