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Personality Test

A personality test or a personality assessment test is a measurement of the personal characteristics of an individual. Personality assessment tests are often conducted by psychologists to make a judgement of the overall personality of an individual.

In scientific personality tests, psychologists describe the characteristics of a human being in terms of quantitative numbers. Psychologists use specialized knowledge and a variety of skills and procedures to quantify the characteristics of an individual.

People often talk about personality in an informal sense. However, scientific personality assessment tests are very systematic, structured and based on scientific evidence. In the scientific context, personality actually refers to a measure of the traits or characteristics of an individual.

How is a Personality Assessment Test conducted?

Most professional psychologists use one of the following methods to assess the personality of an individual:

  • Subjective assessment: In subjective assessment tests, psychologists make a note of what an individual knows about himself/herself. Psychologist uses various techniques to understand what individuals think of their attitudes, traits, interests, needs, aims and personal experiences.
  • Objective assessment: In objective assessment tests, psychologists use their expert judgment to understand the behaviour of an individual. Psychologists use a variety of methods such as miniature life situations, rating scales, unobserved observation and physiological measures for objective assessment.
  • Projective assessment: In projective assessment tests, psychologists request individuals to behave according to an imaginary situation. By encouraging individuals to project their emotions and reactions through various techniques, psychologists assess their personality.
  • Psychoanalytical assessment: In psychoanalytical tests, psychologists use the free association test and the dream analysis method to understand the subconscious aspect of an individual’s personality.

In addition to these methods to assess the personality of an individual, psychologists also conduct various tests to understand the physical or physiological aspect of an individual.

Professional psychologists then use their expert opinion to score and interpret these assessment tests. They use all individual assessments to determine the overall personality of an individual.


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