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Learning disorders


Specific teaching interventions

Parents are often worried and even scared when their child is diagnosed with a learning disorder. But, as science develops there are dozens of strategies to help these kids through.

Also, learning disorders are not caused by lack of inteligence or desire to learn. With applying proper teaching methods and educational tools these disorders can be subsidized. Thus, individuals with LD can master all the skills they initialy had problems with. They often benefit from small class management modifications to the adapted instructions that take their disability into account. PATIENCE while tutoring has a crucial and most important role!

Individuals with mild or moderate learning disabilities might benefit from untimed tests, oral examinations, or other alternatives to written assignments like video presentations. Also, they can hugely benefit from having extra time to practice specific skills or attend ONE TO ONE TUTORING:


  • Dyslexia- difficulty with reading
  • Dysgraphia- difficulty with writing
  • Dyscalculia- difficulty with mathematics

Learning disorders are classified as specific learning disorders because they are not caused by another personality disorder condition like intellectual disorder or a global development delay Also they don't stem from environmental causes such as failure to educate them on writing, reading or doing math.

Learning disorders are usually diagnosed during the school- age years when children's skills can be clearly evaluated.


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